Blue Ox Development is always looking for other developers to partner with. We prefer to have partners on all our projects. This allows us to diversify our time and funds over more projects, thus minimizing the risk of any one project. As a result we are open to financial partners as well as management partners. We are also willing to help financially and in the management of projects of other developers.

On each project we create a separate LLC. This allows us to customize the project to the needs or our partners. This LLC also provides both parties with the necessary protection. Our goal is to create long term relationships with other developers. If each party makes money on a project we are more likely to partner again.

By partnering with Blue Ox Development you automatically add financial support and years of experience to your team. This greatly increases the probability that the project will be a success. A successful partnership will also give you another contact for finding and participating in other profitable projects.


We provide investors with many opportunities to invest alongside Blue Ox Development. On each project we create a separate Limited Liability Corporation. Each project LLC is different, but each provides substantial protection for Blue Ox Development and its partners.

Our goal is to provide projects that are secure and profitable both to Blue Ox Development and its partners. We have financed our projects in a variety of ways, from straight cash to using banks. On each project we have worked very hard to make sure all funds invested were protected.

We also are very conservative in our chosen projects. Most projects have the end buyer in place or Identified before the project ever starts. Many times we will partner with the end user to help create a synergy that is very profitable to both parties.


Blue Ox Development is always looking for builders. As a land developer we do not build on our product, thus we are always looking for builders of all types to purchase lots. We do everything from condo projects to large estate lots.

We are interested in various relationships with our builders. We often partner with builders on their own projects to help manage and fund the projects. We also will consider various funding and take down options with builders; thus, we are able to maximize the builder´s potential to secure lots.

We look at each project differently and thereby are able to customize the project to meet our needs and the needs of the builders. Our intent is to provide projects that are profitable to both us and the builder; thus, we are able to create a long term profitable relationship.